Dr. Alfred Moisiu

He was born on December 1st, 1929 in Scutari. Alfred Moisiu participated in the Antifascist National-Liberation War.

From 1946 until 1948 he completed his studies at the Saint Petersburg Military Engineering School in Russia, and then he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Moscow Military Engineering Academy (1952-1958). From 1948 until 1949 Mr. Moisiu served as a unit commander in Tirana Military men and women Unified School; from 1949 until 1951 he was an Instructor in the Scanderbeg Military School and then, from 1958 until 1966 he worked in the Engineering Department of the Ministry of Defense.

Meanwhile, in 1967-1968 he attended the High Course of the Armed Forces Joint Staff at the Tirana Defense Academy.

Mr. Moisiu served as Deputy Minister of Defense from 1981 until October of 1982.

During the period stretching from 1982 until 1984 he served in Burrel as Commander of the Engineering Company and then in 1985, he went into retirement.

In 1991 Alfred Moisiu was appointed as Minister of Defense in the Technical Government of that time, where he served until 1992.

From 1992 until 1994 he served as Advisor to the Minister of Defense and then from 1994 until 1997 he also served as Deputy Minister in charge of the Defense Policy.

In 1994 Alfred Moisiu founded the Albanian Atlantic Association being elected as its president.

In 1995 he attended and completed the High Ranking Personalities Course at NATO’s Military College in Rome, Italy. Mr. Moisiu is the author of many editorials, articles and studies on issues of military art, defense policy, regional security and developments in Kosova that were published in the domestic and foreign press. Alfred Moisiu holds the scientific title Doctor of Military Sciences.

Dr. Alfred Moisiu was elected President of the Republic of Albania on June 24th, 2002.

Former-president Alfred Moisiu, is a widower after his wife passed away, and had four children, three daughters and a son, who tragically lost his life in a car accident during his father’s presidential term.

Mr. Moisiu is a connoisseur of three foreign languages: Russian, Italian and English.